Motorcycle Insurance

How To Save Money On Motorcycle Insurance

Most people can get reduced rates on motorcycle insurance if it is bundled with their other insurance policies. Insurance bundles can save you hundreds of dollars a year on your motorcycle insurance. Deals can also be had with research, shopping around and negotiating the price with your insurance agent. It is important that you comparison shop for car, boat, personal watercraft and motorcycle insurance. Motorcycle insurance is similar to personal automobile policies, except most insurance companies consider motorcycles as a risk. You can add the usual options such as:

  • Collision coverage
  • Uninsured motorist coverage
  • Roadside assistance
  • Medical expense coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

The good news is that motorcycle liability limits are lower than motor vehicle insurance. Expect to pay more money for uninsured motorist coverage, because motorcycles are susceptible to different types of accidents. A vehicle may damage a motorcycle without the driver knowing. Many times the identity of the driver is never known. This situation would fall under the uninsured motorist claim like hit and run accidents. If your motorcycle were parked when struck by a vehicle, then collision coverage would come into play. Purchase guest liability insurance if you plan to carry a rider with you. The following situations may qualify you for premium discounts.

  • American Motorcyclist Association membership
  • Harley
  • Davidson Owners Group membership
  • Excellent driving record
  • Touring bike
  • Multiple motorcycle discount

Motorcycle Safety Tips

There are a few safety tips you should follow to reduce your chance of having a motorcycle accident. Over half of all motorcycle accidents occur in the intersection. Keep your motorcycle maintained by checking the fluid levels, oil and chain. Take a motorcycle safety class to keep your skills sharp and qualify for an insurance discount. Check the cables and mirrors to ensure they are working properly.

Wear reflective clothing if you plan to ride your motorcycle at night. Choose a helmet that is snug and fits properly. Motorcycle helmets should meet federal safety standards on the label. Do not go over the speed limit and tailgate other drivers. Signal when turning left or right and understand your bike’s limitations. Other drivers need to be able to see you for you to be safe.

Do not ride in blind spots, and keep daytime running lights on while traveling. Take time to slow down by using both brakes. You should not change lanes frequently and be respectful of other vehicles. Wear gloves that do not slip on the handlebars. Choose boots that cover your ankles and fit well. Take an advanced motorcycle riding class to receive insurance discounts and keep you safer on the road.

Reduce Your Rates

You can lower your motorcycle insurance premium by paying every six months to a year. Monthly insurance payments will cost you more than paying the entire amount at once. If you simply must make monthly payments, then use a credit card with low interest rates to pay your insurance. Make your monthly payments to the credit card company instead. Purchase only the insurance that you need. Purchasing an insurance policy with unneeded coverage only cost more money.

You will also pay cheaper rates if you park your motorcycle in the garage, ride only on weekends and keep you mileage low. The size of your motorcycle also makes a difference in the rates you pay. It is similar to vehicle insurance. You will pay more for a racing motorcycle than a standard one. Insurance companies access your risk level when giving you insurance quotes. A good driving record, credit score and other factors will save you hundreds of dollars on motorcycle, vehicle and home insurance policies.