The Best Kia Options for 2018

A Closer Look at Kia's Top 2018 Vehicles

First founded in 1944, Kia started out as the underdog of the automotive industry. In fact, at the dawn of its history, the car maker was unnoticed, but this company shows us a living example of how hard work, creativity and innovation can bring you to the forefront of the industry. Today, Kia cars feature distinct, modern, reliable and affordable vehicles. Here’s some of the potential models you can buy from this company:

  • Kia Poptima
  • Cadenza
  • Stinger
  • K900
  • Forte
  • Soul

By far one of the most popular models, the Kia Soul explores the urban environment with a cheerful energy. It’s sleek, stylish and unique in all the ways that matter. This sophisticated compact crossover remains one of the award winners because of its popular name. If you want something a little more aggressive, the 2018 Kia Stinger tops out at 167 miles per hour. Meanwhile, the engine generates up to 365-horsepower with the twin-turbocharged engine. This car fulfills its mission while handling like a top sports sedan vehicle. The 2018 Stinger has a European-style, and it remains one of the more luxurious choices you can pick.

Is the Cadenza Right for You?

If you want Kia’s response to the mid-size luxury sedan segment, then this model might be the right choice for you. In fact, in 2018, the BMW 5 Series went electric, and Kia shot back with a hybrid sedan called the K7. This car has been redesigned, and it’s almost impossible to ignore the raw power of it. A highly economical choice, the Cadenza works out to 38.1 gallons, but Kia has always maintained a positive reputation for their gas mileage.

Should you decide on the hybrid, it comes well equipped with safety features autonomous emergency braking, nine airbags and a lane departure warning system. On the interior, your eyes explode with delight in the authentic wood grain trim. You also have Apple CarPlay and full-LED adaptive headlights. One of the most impressive things about Kia? If you select the hybrid, this company will back you with a lifetime warranty on the battery. A lot of people were concerned at the high cost of the battery if it needed replacement. Now you have peace of mind even if you decide to choose the K7 over the internal combustion engine.

When the K900 Makes Sense

For people who want a top-notch luxury vehicle, the K900 remains one of the best luxury vehicles of 2018. It excels on many fronts. For example, slip into the cabin, and you’ll discover handsome and stylish interior with comfy seating. At the same time, you have a quiet ride with a generous dish of features. Even if you pick the lowest trim level, you get a large infotainment screen, heated seats and rich leather upholstery. Along with this suave interior, you ride in smooth style as the fine-tuned engine performance gets you down the road and where you need to be. It has everything you could want from valuable features, cushy comfort and a refined driving experience.

Kia has had many innovations and accomplished what many of the other automakers have been unable to do. They have a reputation for reliability and getting the job done without costing you extra cash. In fact, Kia’s have long held a reputation for being one of the most affordable cars that you can get. Another great thing is how their 2018 lineup has some excellent models to bring you the best in vehicles. The latest designs look fantastic and breathe new life into the lineup.

*Image Credit: Kia Media

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