The 2018 Definitive SUV Buying Guide

Buying Guide for Sport-Utility Vehicles

Sport-utility vehicles are of a variety of range regarding the costs, sizes, and models. There small models, midsized and larger models. SUV offers versatile Cargo- carrying space, good driving position as compared to passengers cars, different towing capacity, and three-row seats, capable of transporting about 7-8 peoples. The following are different types of SUV and factors that you should consider when purchasing a Sport-utility vehicle.

Car-based and Truck based sport-utility vehicles

There are two primary types of SUV: truck-based and car-based. Car-based is mostly known as CUVs or crossovers. It is designed with a unibody construction, body and frame bonded in a single unit. They have a better handling and riding mechanism than traditional, truck-based models. CUVs provides all-wheel drive and can deal with moderate off-road situations, though they are not made for more challenging off-road conditions. The towing capacity of most of the CUVs is limited.

The availability of Truck-based is limited in the market today because the markets are shifting to CUVs. The truck-based are designed with a body-on-frame platform. They usually provide the higher capacity of towing and cargo room, than crossovers. The truck-based can handle severe off-road terrain when they are fitted with four-wheel drive. However, their tackling can be tiresome, and the ride can be bouncy. Both car based SUVs and truck based SUVs are included in the top 10 SUVs under $30,000 so it is best to research which one suits your lifestyle more.

Small sport-utility vehicles

Small sport-utility vehicles provide a flexible cargo room and a better driving position than cars. Fuel efficiency is recommendable. For those chauffeurs who are like adventuring, a few models of sport utility vehicles can handle the severe off-road terrain. When looking for a model that has flexible cargo room, you can opt to have hatchback or wagon because they have better fuel efficiency and affordable.

Midsized sport-utility vehicles

Midsized-sport-utility vehicles have become substitutes to minivans, and might fits the demands of shoppers considering the large sport-utility vehicles. The midsized offers the dynamic balance, internal space, safety and cargo space. However, most of the midsized cars have third-row seating arrangement which is not easily accessible by adults because the seats are cramped.

Large sport-utility vehicles

Most of the large-sport cars provide a wide range of energy, interior room and a capacity for towing. When transporting a heavy trailer, the large sport-vehicle is the option to consider. For mainly cargo capacity and seating, look for the midsized sport-utility vehicle such as Honda Pilot or Toyota Highlander.

Factors to consider when purchasing Sport-utility vehicles

Engines and Fuel Economy

Cost-effectiveness small-utility vehicles have a four-cylinder engine system, with a turbocharger. Despite that some of the small sport-utility cars are economical, some of the models of engine systems transport lackluster performance especially when the vehicle is ascending hills or fully loaded. Most of the mid-sized sport-utility cars have the V6 engine that usually promotes a right balance of fuel economy. The large models have a V8 that carries smooth accelerations, and the best option for massive towing capacity.

Drive Wheels

All sport-utility vehicles have either four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, with an option of the two-wheel drive. All-wheel drive and four-wheel drive supplies power to all wheels though they are not the same thing. All-wheel-drive is a lighter mechanism that is always engaged and set to distribute power anytime. On the other hand four-wheel drive has low-range gearing for handling the severe off-road terrain, like steep off- pavements and rocks.

Seating arrangements

Almost all sport-utility vehicle accommodate five peoples. Some of the large-sized and midsized models have an extra third-row seat that increases the capacity of carrying seven to eight people. The third row is usually fitted for the children. Therefore, sport-utility vehicles that have three rows reduces the cargo space.


Most of the sport-utility vehicles provide rear doors, broad front and ample head clearance, which help in entrance and exit. It can be hard for short people, disabled and children to climb because the ground clearance is a bit higher than that of a car. The third-row seats are usually hard to access. Therefore if you intend to use the third row, consider a model with a full rear door opening.

There are many more factors to consider when buying the small-utility vehicle, but those are the major ones. In case you want to purchase one, use the above types and tips, and you will have the best small-utility vehicle.

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